JT Montross

Position: President

JT Montross is a Business Management major with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Global Supply Chain Management. JT is from Pittsburgh, PA and joined JMU ASCM to expand his knowledge in supply chain management, network, gain leadership experience, and impact lives in a positive way. JT is also the Vice President of SIE a JMU National Honorary & Professional Management Society. A fun fact about JT is that he likes to run Spartan Races.

Cameron Kerr

Position: Secretary

Cameron Kerr is a senior Intelligence Analysis major with minors in Geography and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies.  As Director of Strategic Communications, Cameron is responsible for producing press releases and other written documents.  He has a passion for current events and international relations, keeping him in tune with the club’s initiatives. Cameron is also a member of the club baseball team where he serves in a leadership position as the team’s secretary.  His interests outside of his education include foreign affairs, personal finance, and history.

Brittany Ryan

Position: Vice President of Social Media and Public Relations

Brittany Ryan is a dual major in Marketing and Independent studies, along with minors in Business Analytics, Global Supply Chain Management, and Music. Brittany got involved in the supply chain minor when she couldn’t wrap her head around how Starbucks knows how much more coffee to order during finals. She was introduced to ASCM though the minor and officially joined when helping load a container of medical supplies for Ukraine. A fun fact about Brittany is that she’s a member of the Marching Royal Dukes and marched in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2018. 

John (JT) Nicholas

Position: President

JT Nicholas graduated with a Business Management major and Global Supply Chain Management minor from Pittsburgh, PA, JT joined JMU ASCM as a way to expand his knowledge in supply chain management, meet new people in his minor, and work on a project that helps people. In addition to leading the ASCM chapter, he served as the President of the Acacia Fraternity and was a member of the JMU club golf team. He has professional interests in supply chain management, management consulting, and public sector consulting and started at Grant Thornton in the summer of 2022.

David Pizzano

Position: Vice President of Risk Management

David Pizzano graduated with a Management major with dual concentrations in Business Analysis and Consulting as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Global Supply Chain Mgt. As VP of Risk Management, David was involved in inventory control, regulatory procedure, and LEAN initiatives. Outside ASCM, he also served as Family Relations Chair (previously as VP of Risk Mgt) for Alpha Sigma Phi and as a student lawyer on JMU Student Defenders. His professional interests include supply chain and management consulting in defense and government contracting.

Talia Pavese

Position: Vice President of Social Media & Public Relations

Talia Pavese graduated as a Marketing major from New Jersey with minors in Computer Information Systems and Global Supply Chain Management. As our former VP of Social Media and PR, Talia helped promote our mission, communicate with members about events, and maintain relationships with external partners. When asked what she loves about ASCM Talia said, “the opportunity to be able to give back while getting hands-on supply chain experience”. Aside from being a member in ASCM, she was involved in American Marketing Association, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Phi Mu. Her professional interests include medical/ pharmaceutical sales, consulting, and foreign aid.

Mason Ghodsi

Position: Program Director

Mason Ghodsi graduated with a Management major with a concentration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. As our former Program Director, Mason helped lead in the development and facilitation of major events involving ASCM. He also assisted in communicating logistical information and key goals of ASCM to new and prospective members. Mason also served as the Operations Chair for MadiTHON and as a founder of the Diversity Committee for Kappa Alpha Order. His interests include consulting, tech sales, project management, and supply chain management.

Jeff Copeland

Position: Vice President of Operations

Jeff Copeland graduated as a Kinesiology major from Vienna, Virginia, with an athletic training minor. He joined the ASCM chapter in the spring of 2020 as a means to bolster the philanthropic efforts of the Acacia Fraternity and broaden his extracurricular experience. As Vice President, he supported the club through logistical and organizational processes and hands-on activities for the movement of supplies. What Jeff admires most about the club is their willingness to form and pursue common goals for the purpose of helping other people. He plans to pursue a career in public health and cardiology.

Marlon Cuevas

Position: Student Assistant/Website Manager

Marlon graduated with a BBA in Finance and a minor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communications. Marlon started a company called Find Her Football, a media marketing agency focused on building a sustainable industry by driving brand affiliation and exposure to professional women’s soccer.