26 January 2023
Ethiopia Shipment Loading Day

Two 40 ft containers were loaded to be shipped to Samara University in Afar, Ethiopia.

26 October 2022
Arrival in Ukraine

The container arrived at the warehouse in Kyiv, Ukraine.

7 October 2022
Ghana Shipment Sourcing

JMU ASCM is assisting with a container shipment to Ghana by helping with the inventory process and the transportation of some of the club's current inventory to the hands of the kind-hearted individual, Evans, arranging the shipment. Some of the items inventoried that will be on the container headed to Ghana are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), surgical equipment, examination chairs, hospital patient chain lifts, and wound care supplies.

21 September 2022
Ukraine Loading Day

Club loaded 40 ft container with medical supplies and furniture to be shipped to Ukraine. The project becomes the Global Medical Relief Project with this expanded outreach.

March 2022
Actual Arrival

The war in Ethiopia had blocked the main highway which forced a delay in the medical supply container.

January 2022

The JMU ASCM club went to Sentara Hospital to get medical supplies for sixth container. They took the supplies to the warehouse at Interchange where they will take inventory, organize, and repackage.

December 2021
Proposed Arrival

The 4th and 5th containers of medical supplies arrived at the Port of Djibouti for disbursement. One of the containers will have a new destination to a university affiliated hospital in Nifas, Ethiopia.

November 2021

The 4th and 5th containers of medical supplies departed for the Port of Djibouti.

15 October 2021

Loaded 4th and 5th container's of medical supplies for shipment.

14 October 2020
Discussion Panel: October 14th

ASCM held a discussion panel with executives, donors, and partners to plan for future events and shipments.

13 October 2021
Loading Warehouse

Loaded 32 stryker hospital bed to the warehouse.

September 2021
Agreement of Assitance

EFL Global USA and JS Expedite agreed to work together to send an additional container to Africa.

9 June 2021
Luncheon w/ Bahir Dar University

Talia Pavese, David Pizzano, Dean Busing, and Mark Smith discussed agreements with Bahir Dar University (BDU) to aid in logistics of sending 2 additional containers from JMU to BDU and one to Addis Ababa.

May 2021

The third container arrived at the Port of Djibouti for disbursement.

May 2021
Association of Supply Chain Managment's Executive Annual Meeting and Cookout
4 May 2021
JMU Donation

James Madison University expanded on donation of storage space at Burruss Hall based on the current successful momentum of the Africa Medical Relief Project.

5 April 2021
Loading Warehouse

ASCM members, Jeff and Sidd, picked up donated supplies and delivered them to James Madison University's Burruss Hall intermediate storage location.

March 2021

The third container of medical supplies departed for Port of Djibouti.

3 March 2021

The third container of medical supplies was loaded.

10 December 2020
Special Visitor

Ethiopian ambassador to the United States, Fitsum Arega, visited Harrisonburg, VA to see the quality of supplies that are being shipped. As a result, two additional containers were requested for Ethiopia.

October 2020

The first and second containers arrived days apart from each other at the Port of Djibouti for disbursement to Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

30 August 2020

The second container was shipped to the Port of Djibouti.

25 August 2020
Loading Day

The second 40' container, destined for the Republic of Congo, was loaded.

18 August 2020

The first container of many more to come, left the port of Baltimore while on its way to the Port of Djibouti and ultimately inland to Ethiopia.

12 August 2020
Loading Day

Dr. Smith and his son, Toby Smith, Dr Ritchie, Bhumick Shah, and club Vice-President, Jess Lewis, met at the Interchange warehouse to load the first 40' container destined for Ethiopia. Dr. Tilahun Goshu, affiliated with the Ethiopian hospitals, was present to help identify critical equipment to load into the container.

August 2020
Upgrading and Transporting

The Supply Chain Club filed and secured 2500 sq. ft of warehousing that was donated by Keith VanBenschoten, of Interchange Group Incorporated. Dr. Ritchie and students rented a truck to move medical supplies that were donated from Sentara RMH in Harrisonburg, and Carilion Center in Roanoke, Virginia.

Securing Initial Storage Warehousing

Dr. William Ritchie met with Mike Hendrickson of Matchbox Realty to secure initial donated storage space.

Launch Of Africa Medical Relief Project

JMU Supply Chain Club (officially the Association of Supply Chain Management, Shenandoah Chapter, formerly APICS) leadership team met with Dr. Mark Smith and developed the goal to source, store, and ship medical equipment and supplies to African hospitals dealing with the Ebola crisis. At the time, the team hoped to find enough supplies to fill one 40-foot shipping container.

Student leadership team: Left to right: Ryan McCourt, Bhumik Shah, Dr. Mark Smith, Yara Chamma, Xavier Zakaria, Sara Chamma, Jonathan Covey, Jess Lewis, and Dr. Bill Ritchie.