ERP Resources for Professors


Odoo is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool that manages multiple functions of business (finance, sales, websites, inventory & MRP, human resources, marketing, services, and productivity) into applications under their respective business function category that can be integrated to plan and scale a company.

The Association of Supply Chain Management uses inventory, sales, purchase, and barcode applications to manage The Africa Medical Relief Project.

Katie Dorey will give a tutorial of how these applications are used.

Module 1: Getting Started

Odoo has the option to set up a free demo account by creating a database that starts with “edu-“. The following video includes specific instructions for setting up this account.

We will using the Sales, Inventory, Purchase, and Barcode applications in the following modules.

Note: For Mac users, Odoo does not run properly on the Safari Browser. Use a browser like Google Chrome instead.

Module 2: Inventory Basics

While there are many different Odoo applications for all different types of organizations, we will mostly be using the Inventory app for this project. This application allows us to keep track of current inventory counts as well as show inventory that is coming in and out of our warehouse. The following slide deck shows how to perform some very basic Inventory App processes. 

Module 3: Importing Data

The import feature on Odoo allows users to batch process large orders by importing an Excel or CSV file. There are three main types of inventory transfers that we will be using: 

Delivery Orders-orders going out of our inventory

Receipts-products coming into our inventory

Internal Transfers-transfers between two internal locations

The Odoo Transfer Template can be used for each type of transfer.

There are also inventory adjustments that allow us to update what we have in inventory. This data can be imported using the Inventory Adjustment Template.

Module 4: Creating Reports

Odoo has a feature that allows users to download different types of reports. We use reports to send to donors and other connections of the organization. The following video discusses how to create a basic report in Odoo.

Module 5: Barcodes

Barcodes can be used to scan products for shipments as well as making adjustments to inventory. The Odoo barcode app can be used with either a handheld scanner or using the Odoo mobile app on a phone.

Before you get started, download the Odoo mobile app and make sure you have the Barcode application. 

The following slide deck goes through the basics of barcodes.